Welcome to the new face of Drumree GAA.
Posted on July 19, 2019.
After a total of 18 months, through a lot of hard work, and the occasional tear, we have finally deployed the club's new website.

Back in 2017, outgoing IT Officer Robert Lyons, who completed sterling work on the previous website, was to be replaced by Keith "Horse" Rooney, who works as a Software Engineer for YapStone, previously employed by Bloomberg.

In his new role as IT Officer, Keith looked at developing a new website for the club. The requirements from the new committee was straight forward, a simple and intuitive website which afforded flexibility into the future in terms of adding new features, as well as making life easier for current and incoming committee members.

Given work commitments, along with his love for hurling, you can imagine the task was going to be a long and difficult road, but none the less, a road with a first stop. After 18 months of hard work and sheer determination, along with a tear or two, Keith deployed the club's new website, which he hopes to improve into the future for the club as new requirements arise.

Enjoy our new website!