Drumree GAA Cow S!"T Challenge Terms & Conditions


1.Player/Ticket holder need not be present to win.

2.No tickets will be sold after Thursday 5th July 19:00.

3.The names of ticket holders will be allocated to the master grid which consists of randomly numbered squares. The master grid with all entrants & their location will be available for viewing at and prior to the event on or before 07/07/18.

4.The actual grid area shall consist of a computer-generated grid of a pre-defined section of Drumree GAA's main playing field with all squares being contained within this area. All squares within the grid will be of equal shape and size and the area clearly marked and protected with a barrier or fence. Spectators/ticket holders must not interfere with the progress of the event. Final size/area of squares is determined by the total number of tickets sold.


5.At 13:30 on July 8 2018, a cow will be led into the grid area by an appropriate handler and let free to roam within the area until the cow defecates on a square or the time allotment of 6 hours has expired. Upon completion of a cow dung or time allotment, the independent judges (who are not allowed to participate in the raffle) will determine the results. If there is no cow dung by 19:30, the winners will be determined by a drawing.


6.The total prize fund is €3,300 consisting of;

  • 1st Prize of two thousand five hundred Euro (2,500.00)
  • 8 x runner up prizes of one hundred Euro (100.00) or 5 x runner up prizes of one hundred and sixty Euro (160.00)

7.If the cow dung is spread across a number of squares or on a line separating two or more squares the winning square will be determined by where the biggest volume of cow dung is located. This will be decided by an independent judge.

 8.The eight outer squares that are immediately adjacent to the 1st prize winning square are determined to be the 8 runner up prize winners. In the event that the winning square is an immediate square to the grid's outer perimeter the 5 outer squares immediately adjacent to the wining square will be determined to be the 5 runner up prize winners.

 9.In the event of the time allotment expiring there will be nine prizes in total;

  • 1st Prize of two thousand five hundred Euro (2,500.00)
  • 8 x runner up prizes of €100

10.Any disputes or claims must be registered with the judges.

 11.The results or decision of the judges will be publicly posted.