U16 Camogie - Battling Drumree overporewed by Boardsmill

Drumree U16 Camogie (U16 A Championship)

Drumree v Boardsmill

Drumree  had their first game in the U16 A Championship  against Boardsmill  on March 12th.  It was a home game for Drumree where the 13-member Drumree squad faced a 15-member opposition. The Drumree girls played an outstanding game and competed vigorously throughout the field, but the two extra Boardsmill players made it extremely difficult to get scores and each and every score was hard won.  Despite the lack of numbers, Drumree finished the first half only trailing by one point (1-02 to 2-00). The half-time score line did not fully reflect the enormous efforts from the Drumree girls as they had an additional 4-wides in that half (v 2-wided by the opponents).    The second half saw Drumree scoring an additional 2 goals and 3 points compared to a score tally of 3 goals and 2 points by the opposition.

In terms of the overall score tally, while  Drumree had one more score on the board than the opposition (8 v 7), at the final whistle  the score line  was Drumree 3-05 to 5-02 for Boardsmill.  Considering the Drumree girls played the entire game with two players less than the opponents, the 3-point loss can only be seen as an enormous complement to the efforts made by the  Drumree girls.