Registration of Players/Members 2013


Re: Registration of Players/Members 2013

31st March 2013 is the cut off date for registration for the 2013 season (i.e. to have voting rights at club AGM). Members/players can be registered anytime after this date but they lose this right.

It is important that all players are registered and are flagged as players on the system. It is also imperative that ALL members e.g. club executives, people who may officiate at matches, e.g. referees and umpires etc. are also registered on the system. It is only those members who are registered by 31st March 2013 that have voting rights at the club AGM's.

Players who are not registered as players have no eligibility to the player injury scheme and clubs may face possible sanction, also non registered players will not be permitted to play in any competition.